Call for donations

Our time-honoured Home St. Pierre has to be adjusted to new requirements. Our wish and aim are to preserve the old character of our house but to provide comfort and safety at the same time.

• Renovation of the windows and insolation of the roof
• Improvement of the security measures
• Restructuring of the shared kitchen
• Installation of new sanitary facilities
• Renovation and modernization of the dormitories

The implementation of these measures demands extensive financial means. Unfortunately, the monument protection requirements impede this process and outstrip the possibilities of the association. The association “Home St. Pierre” is not profit-oriented and all expenses are paid from the residents’ rent. For the realization of bigger building measures, we depend on endowments and donations. If you appreciate and value our home, we would appreciate it very much if you could make a donation to the following bank account:

UBS SA, Postfach 2600, 1211 Genève 2
IBAN CH 84 0024 0240 328 824 00 T
Please use « donation » as the reason for payment.
If you wish, we also issue a donation receipt.