We run the office and take care for everything linked to the organisation of Home St. Pierre and try to have always an open ear for your questions, sorrows and needs …

AndreaAndrea Roussel

Guten Tag! I am the Director. I speak German, French and English.



Anne-CatherineAnne-Catherine Lehmann

Gruezi miteinand’r. I am the deputy director of Home St. Pierre. I speak German, Swiss German, French and English.




Silvia FioriniSilvia Fiorini Bürge

Buongiorno ! I work in the office during weekends and vacation. I speak German, French, Italien and a bit Spanish.



Cristina Valdes

I’m resident of Home St.Pierre and work in the office Saturdays and during holidays. My mother tongue is Spanish and I speak English, French and German.




…we care for a clean house and take care of your comfort …

Salut! I’m the housekeeper for almost 20 years and I’m caring for the breakfast. I speak French and Arab.

Hola! As Rabia I’m the housekeeper. I speak French and Spanish.