Prices and payment options

There are various options to pay for your stay with us:

1. Cash upon your arrival. Please note that we do not accept Euros [€].

2. Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro) with a surcharge of 3%. Make sure to have your PIN-code ready.

3. Debit card (Postcard). Make sure to have your PIN-code ready.

4. Bank transfer. You can pay for your stay in advance to your arrival by wiring the amount to the account information is provided here.

Note that if you choose options 1, 2 or 3, you need to include your credit card details (card number and expiry date) as a security. We do not use these details unless you fail to show up or cancel your reservation within the cancellation period (indicated on the reservation request).

Item Price [CHF] Note
Dormitory : 1 bed/ night/ person 36 + CHF 3.75 tourist tax
Single room/ night
50 + CHF 3.75 tourist tax
Double shared room/ 1 bed/ night/person
40 + CHF 3.75 tourist tax
1 breakfast 7.50 Mon-Fri: 7-9am Sat: 8-10am ( no breakfast on Sun- and holidays) Served in the main building: house n° 4, 2nd floor.
Laundry service 7.50 Washing and drying. Come to the office to buy a laundry ticket.
bed sheets Free of charge Bedding is provided. Please have your own towel with you.
Padlocks for cupboards in the women’s dormitory Free of charge You can get padlocks at the office with a deposit payment of CHF 10.00
Internet Free of charge Wireless. Ask for the access code upon your arrival.
Public transportation ticket Free of charge Issued for the length of your stay. Ask for it upon your arrival.